Focus on Sex for Great Mental and Physical Health

December 3, 2016

If you’re mind is not focused on sex, then you may be missing out on some very important mental and physical benefits. I’m not referring to over stimulation to the point that you can’t hold down a job or any type of real friendships, that’s addictive and not healthy. I’m talking about confident adults that give freedom to their sexual thoughts rather than trying to suppress them as a result of societal norms. When you try to deny something that is natural then it only leads to frustration, stress, and possibly ill health.

Let’s talk first about the female orgasm. There are lots of reasons why a woman may not be able to climax during sex. Some of them are associated with a physical condition while others are a result of a psychological reason. No, I’m not saying that women that cannot orgasm are crazy. However, what may be happening is that their mind is getting in the way, not allowing the woman to focus on the pleasures of sex, and thus denying the physical body the joy of having great sex and great orgasms.

It’s okay to have sex. It’s okay to enjoy sex. And, it’s okay to learn tips, tricks and actual physical moves that will help you get the orgasm you deserve. Focus on sex and the things you need to do such as kegel exercises, working with your sex partner to find which positions work and stimulate you, and grabbing your personal massager or vibrator and doing a little self discovery. It’s perfectly healthy to touch yourself and find out what makes you tick, giggle, moan, and cry out in passion.

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